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Why NOT to For Sale by Owner

10 15 14If you are considering selling your home, chances are you have put a little thought towards managing a For Sale by Owner for your property. Here’s why you shouldn’t:

Home Sale Negotiations are Cumbersome

When you look to sell your home, you need to negotiate various criteria of the selling contract with everyone involved in the process, including:

  • The Buyer
  • The Buyer’s Real Estate Agent
  • The Buyer’s Bank
  • The Inspection Company
  • The Appraiser
  • The Title Company

They each have their own requirements and paperwork to be followed, which take considerable time and effort. Working through this process must be managed meticulously to ensure your contract protects you and the seller effectively.

Buyers Aren’t Looking Where You Think for their Next Home

Buyers these days have a plethora of potential homes available to them, at the click of a mouse, or touch of their smart phone screen. Between real estate applications that offer up-to-date MLS listings and online listings on local real estate agents’ sites, it’s not hard to figure out that potential home buyers are doing the bulk of their property search online.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 43% of home buyers find the home they buy online, while 92% of potential home buyers begin their home search using the web.

Unless you know how to develop and implement a competitive online marketing strategy for your FSBO home, chances are, you won’t get the foot traffic you need to compete with comparable homes listed in your area.

Do You Really Know what Your House Can Sell For?

During your home sale planning process, one of the first, most likely THE first criteria that you worked on would be the sale price you expect to get for your home. Research in the local market can be helpful in this venture, but there are so many criteria that make up the sale price of a home. Do you know what minor repairs can increase your sale price? Or what criteria potential home buyers focus on during an open house walk through? Do you know how to get your yard into shape for a home sale bid, or that you need to?

It’s best to work with a real estate professional who understands the ways you can increase the selling price for your home. According to NAR, home sellers who work with a real estate agency get up to $41,000 more for their home.

Fall is a great time to sell your home. Do right by yourself and reach out to a local real estate agent who knows your region and the interests of buyers within it. You’ll reduce sale time and see a better turn of profit on your sale.


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