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What to Ask Before You Buy a House

buy-a-houseThe decision to buy a house is a big one and leads to a lot of questions; from what type of home you are looking to find, to the location of your house, and the related factors that are part of that decision. Questions about the real estate market are also bound to surface as you begin the process to find a home.

With all the questions that can surface, there are three things you need to be sure to ask before you buy a home.

The Value of Real Estate

With the recent history of inconsistency in real estate values, you need to be sure you understand the condition of the real estate market in your region before you look to find a home to buy. The quarterly Home Price Expectation survey from Pulsenomics offers average projections based on a panel of over one hundred economists, real estate experts and market strategists.

As you begin your search to find a home, keep a watch on the real estate values in your region to allow the best advantage of getting the home you want at the best value.

Intrinsic Value of a Home

There is more to consider when you look at the value of a home than just raw dollars. Keep these factors in mind as you search real estate listings:

  • Square footage and disbursement of space – Will there be enough room for your family balanced with enough room for storage?
  • Safety of the neighborhood – Is there really a need for explanation? Your realtor can fill you in on these details.
  • Viability of the Schools – For families, this can be a deciding factor in the decision to buy a house.

Interest Rates

When you plan to buy a house, the mortgage cost is one of the larger issues that drive your search. Interest rates have a significant effect on mortgage costs and are on a fairly consistent uptick.

Speaking to a mortgage professional about the mortgage rates available to you can help you understand your options and give you a clear picture of the kind of home you can afford.


As you begin searching real estate and plan to buy a house, keep these must-ask questions in mid to ensure you get the most house for your dollar and that it fits your family’s needs to ensure a long, happy life in your home.

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