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What is the best return policy for your small business Loan?

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For the progress of any business, selling a product and collecting money is not everything. You need to mentally prepare for the customer return goods. For that case, your small business loan needs to prepare a clear return policy.

what is a return policy for your small business Loan and why is it important?

Small business Loans return policy is a set of rules that make customers know what they should do if they want to return or change the product. According to estimate, 9% of purchased products and 30% of online products are returned solely in America. The return policy determines how much worth your product have in the market. Having a small business loan return policy is necessary before you sell your products. Having no return policy may lead to a frustrated customer.

What are the reasons for the return of any product?

  1. The product has some
  2. It is defective and
  3. You purchased the wrong
  4. The customer has changed
    his mind
  5. The Buyer doesn’t want
    that anymore
  6. The product is not
    according to the expectations of a customer

Although there are no
standards for any of the return policy you could get help from the following.

Receipt for your return

You must give a receipt
as proof that the customer had purchased your articles. A receipt is a truth of
your bought products, prices, date and other information about your business.

This way you can also
get a record book of your products being returned

  • No exchange or return without the receiving slip
  • Return will only be possible with a receipt
  • Exchange can be accepted with receipt
  • Return with receipt will charge 20% from the actual amount

The receipt policy will lower the fraud cases for your small business loan. According to The National Retail Federation survey, the returns without receipt made up 10% of returns.

But this policy cannot
prevent return fraud 100%. So, for this make policy according to the nature of
your small business loan.

Don’t forget to ask the
National Identity Card

Some business requires
identity cards from customers on return. It lets small entrepreneurs identify
which customers repeatedly return items of your sale. This may also prevent
theft. In NRF survey without a receipt, 85.2% of customers were required
to show a valid ID with a return.

How smooth you are in your Small business

How will you refund
patrons if they come for return or exchange?

You surely will follow all
your prescribed rules.

These are some ways you
show your lenient business attitude:

  1. Even if customers come for exchange
  2. Cash return
  3. Return on credit/debit card used for a purchase

Deciding how to pay
consumers is an important part of building a return policy. Customers should
know how they will receive their payments before they return the goods.

Prescribe your product
return time

Make it your policy to
mention time for return your products. Some products need to be returned
sooner. So mention it on the product or receipt. This detail will help make
sure that you don’t receive outdated or ended wares. For example, you would
only accept products within seven, 14, 30, 60, days. Beside this, a return
cannot be accepted. But, make positive clients understand your rules. Let’s say you have a
large store where you sell clothes as well as candy and popcorn. Your return
policy is 2 days for clothes and seven days for edibles.

Your Limitations for a
return policy

You would have to
ascertain that some items cannot be refunded or replaced. Especially for
discounted items or items that the customer had ordered online. You cannot
cover the cost of return shipping. Can you cover the cost of shipping for
exchanged goods? These should be stated in your policy, so customers aren’t
upset if they must foot the bill.

Advertise your small
business loan return policy

Your business’s returns
policy demand to be visible and posted. Post it on your wall, your leading
counter and on your receipt if possible. If you online then on your website.
Add it to your social media campaigns or marketing.

The Bottom Line on Goods Returns

Your returns are a life of your business. No matter what you sell, people always come to return things. Make the return process candid and simple.  Do the return into a pleasant way rather than an unpleasant chore. This way you will not only keep customers by your side but also inspire them to spread positive word-of-mouth about your business. Train your every employee how to deal return customer if he is bad mouthed or speaking ill. This thing is really, a truly positive bottom line.

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