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What is Display Advertising? (A Complete Beginner’s Guide)

Digital advertising is quickly changing the entire marketing industry. In order to remain competitive in this ever-evolving market, businesses must have a strong understanding of digital marketing in all of its forms. Display ads and paid advertising are some of the easiest ways to get started.

How Does Digital Paid Advertising Work?

You have undoubtedly seen display advertising used before, even if you may not have realized it at the time. Display advertising is used on third-party websites to market your products and services. There are many different ways of utilizing display advertising, such as with banner ads and leaderboard ads, which are used for both desktop and mobile versions of a site.

Most ads are square or rectangular in shape, and the content they contain is usually designed to align with the host website to pull in your target audience. Display advertising campaigns can run through advertising networks, which often results in powerful audience targeting that can be good for your business.

What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is a type of online advertisement that involves images, text, and a URL that will link to your website, prompting customers to learn more about your products and, ultimately, make a purchase. There are many different ad formats, which can be static with an image or can be animated and use multiple images, changing text, or even video.

Various ad campaigns have different goals, so choosing the ads to display will depend entirely on the type of promotion you are after. Some ads educate about a certain product while others are designed to engage or entertain. Banner ads are the most common form of display advertisement and are frequently used for awareness campaigns.

Types of Display Ads

Personalized Ads

Personalized ads target potential customers based on the interests they have shown online and demographic targeting. These types of ads can be used to set a custom audience. These ads are also known as remarketing ads. Most of the digital ads you come across are remarketing, or retargeting, ads. These ads personalize the ads that your audience sees in order to appeal to their specific interests or needs.

Contextually Targeted Ads

Ads that have been contextually targeted may appear similar to personalized ads, but instead of basing their information on user profiles, they are placed on websites that will appeal to your target audience. You can customize your ad settings to include things like certain topics or keywords, location or language preferences, or a host website’s overarching theme.

Site-Placed Ads

With site-placed ads, businesses can hand-pick the websites where your ad will be hosted. You can even combine this type of advertising with targeted ads.

Display advertising is one of the most efficient digital options available online. This type of ad spreads your brand’s message by being minimally intrusive and visually engaging. When you implement display advertising and combine it with other marketing techniques, your brand can reach potential customers at every level.

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