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Sell Your Home Faster with These Three Tips

 Sometimes there is a need to sell your home quickly. Maybe you have been offered a new position and you have to relocate. Perhaps there has been a financial situation that requires you to move out of your home. Or maybe you found your next home faster than you expected, and would like to wrap the real estate transaction fast.

No matter the reasoning home sellers may be in need of selling their home more quickly than normal, there are three “if’s” that can decrease the sales lead-time for home sellers and get you onto your next step that much faster.

If The Price is RightApril #2 photo canstockphoto5780759

As anyone who has sold a house or any other high-ticket asset can tell you, there is a fine line between making money back on your investment, and inflating the ticket price to the point of killing your potential to sell. If you are looking to sell your home in a truncated time period, then you need to decide between making money on your sale, and shortening your sale timeline.

When listing your property below the recommended rate, you increase your bid pool and get the ball rolling towards settlement that much faster. That said, be sure to employ this strategy with the assistance of a trained real estate agent. They can help you drive competing bids into a higher sale price at the end of the process.

Alternatively, when a house is listed at an inflated price and has to extend the listing dates while dropping the asking price, potential home buyers could assess that there is an issue with the property.

Unique Words Can Sell

In a day and age when content both online and off is available in abundance, your home listing could fall into the white noise of the hundreds of others your prospective home buyers come across during their property search. Any way you can have your property listing stand out amongst the similar properties gives you an edge in acquiring interest.

The goal of a property listing is to get a phone call in to the listing agent’s office that can be vetted as a potential home buyer. While the trend is to detail the standard items, home size, type of house, bathrooms, etc., chances are your property will not stand out with those details. Working with a realtor, find a unique way to draw interest in your property to get the sales process started.

Know Your Market

Even a house with the most creative listing and better-than-average pricing can hang ten in a market that is stagnant. Your local real estate agent will know the trends in selling times and potential in our local real estate market help you plan your home sale accordingly for the best results.

The key to a faster than average home sale? Working with a real estate agent is a critical factor that gives home sellers the ammunition and awareness they need to get the attention of potential home buyers and get their home sold. And that you are working with a local trusted mortgage professional. Bidding wars are back and you will need a fast, clean commitment to win the war. Our underwriters are on site, ready to approve your loan!

Call me to today for help with your home loan or a realtor recommendation.

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