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Does Fall House Shopping Spook You? It Shouldn’t.


October is here and with that comes pumpkins, mums and an array of ghosts and goblins in yards and around homes.

Historically, this time of year brings a slowdown in real estate sales as prospective home buyers back off their real estate searches and settle back until next spring.

According to

Every year as the school year begins homes sales invariably decline in September from August. In the past 15 years, the average decline has been 16.4 percent. In October, home sales generally hold on. Then in November, home sales dip again, by 8 percent generally. December figures tend to match the low November figures. Because of the dark, cold weather spanning most of the country, January is not pretty for home sales, with an average plunge of 27 percent. Sunlight then flickers in February with a small rise. Much stronger activity then arises in March and April and into the summer months.

Fall Real Estate Trends

The reality is fall is a great time to search properties in your efforts to buy a house. With the inventory up, and with decreased competition for those homes due to the seasonal drop-off of home buyers, it’s becoming a buyer’s market the further we move into the fall.

To start your home search, reach out to a local real estate and mortgage professional that has a grasp on the housing market in your area. They will help you walk through the steps of getting pre-approved, checking your credit score, listing the criteria for your perfect home and setting up appointments to preview homes that fit your needs. Reduce your fear factor of searching for a new home this fall by taking this initial step with a professional who will walk you safely down the path to your new home.

So, join the ghouls and goblins this October and begin your home search. Chances are you’ll find a treat.

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