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5 Ways Home Sellers Can Increase Their Home’s Curb Appeal on a Budget…

When you are ready to sell your home, whether you are moving for work or other reasons, chances are your home is in need of a little TLC to increase its curb appeal to potential home buyers.  As you plan for your move, and juggle the arduous process of a move, turning your focus, and your finances, to the job of updating your property to enhance its selling potential can be hard to manage. The goal of these updates isn’t to increase your property value, but to add to the “wow” factor that the first impression of  your home can make.

Following are 5 ways you can increase your homes curb appeal, when you have to budget your time, your money or both.

Front Door FocusBlog Photo April 2014

The front door to your home is more than a barricade to your entryway, it also has the power to attract attention and make a statement to home buyers. Adding a few layers of colorful paint or a new coat of stain for a wood door can create a welcoming feeling for anyone attending an open house at hour home. After updating the color, be sure the dirt and rust on the hardware is cleaned and any glass shines.

Look at Locks, Latches and Knobs

Believe it or not, having new and matching door hinges, knobs and other hardware elements around your home can add a feeling of consistency and give the impression is more “put-together” than it may be. Stick with more contemporary styles, like brushed nickel or antique bronze, in lieu of construction-grade bronze.

Update Outdoor Lighting

Invest a little money in outdoor lights, update existing pieces with new lamps and bulbs. Add accent bulbs to the front walk or driveway to offer a warm, inviting entryway at any time of day. If you don’t have the ability to use wired lights, solar fixtures can be a quick fix to offer more light to your home’s exterior.

Make Up Your Beds

The goal of flower beds and shrubs is to add beauty to your home, but when they are left untended, they can easily decrease the curb appeal of your home. Realistically, the condition of your flowers and plants can easily deter potential home buyers who are doing recon on potential homes. So, take the time to weed, prune, clean up borders and lay mulch or stone where you can to improve the quality of your gardens and flower beds.

Watch the Edges

Clean edges inside or outside a home draw the eye, just as undefined ones detract. Spruce up your home’s exterior look with new shutters, or a fresh paint for existing ones. Inside, repaint your trim, be sure to use blue painter’s tape to keep your lines straight and replace any trim that may be worn or cracked.

Curb appeal is about turning potential home buyers focus to small but important details that give your home a well-rounded and finished look. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time, but if you want to sell your home, it does require your attention.

And as always, if you need a realtor referral let me know. I can refer a professional that knows the markets inside and out, and will guide you through the steps to make your home produce maximum returns.

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