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3 Expectations for your Real Estate Agent

real-estate-agentAs a home seller, you read and hear a lot about the steps you need to take to ensure your home will sell, but to sell your home, you need the assistance of a skilled and experienced real estate agent who will partner with you to navigate the waters of real estate sales.

There are nuances to your local real estate market that only an agent will be privy to, and it’s how they share and use that intel with you as a home seller that sets the tone for the success or failure of your home sale. Be sure to consider the following points when you partner with a Realtor to sell your home to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page and accountable for their part of the process and that your home sale goes smoothly and successfully.

Your real estate agent is intimately familiar with the prices homes are going for in your region, as well as the criteria that can enhance, or reduce, your asking price. They are also aware that beyond the local market rates, the bank needs to be willing to “buy” your mortgage at the price you are asking.  The right real estate agent will have relationships with reputable, and reliable,  home appraisal firms to be sure the bank agrees with your asking price so that the home sale doesn’t fall through.

Assistance with Relocation

Chances are, when you are selling your home, you’re going to have somewhere in mind as a new place to live after your home sells. (At least, we hope you do!) Whether you are moving due to a new job in a new area, to upsize or downsize your current home, or just because “it’s time to move”, your real estate agent should be able to assist you with the logistics of the move. You should also speak to your mortgage professional and get pre-approved to buy your next home.

What logistics, you may ask? Well, you don’t want to end up paying a mortgage on two homes since your previous home didn’t sell as fast as you found your new one, do you? Your home sale and purchase should happen congruently to avoid this scenario.

Actually Selling the Home

Logistics and intel aside, your real estate agent needs to be able to sell your home, or their relationship has no real value. You have a timeline you need or want to keep, and that means deadlines for the sale of your home and purchase of a new one, that your agent needs to be acutely aware of during the entire process. You need a real estate agent that is willing to give you the realities of what to expect from your home sale and be diligent enough to hold themselves and you accountable for the best results for everyone.

If you need a recommendation for a Realtor in your area, I’m happy to help.

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