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2015: Home Sales Continue to Rise and Millennials are a Big Factor

home-salesFreddie Mac has released the latest U.S. Economic & Housing Market Outlook and it shows that 2015 will have an increase in sales for the real estate market.

“We are projecting a 4 percent rise in sales to 5.6 million, which would mark the highest level of annual sales since 2007.”

The report goes on to say “we anticipate that economic growth in 2015 will be about 3 percent slightly less than what we believe the final three quarters of 2014 will be (annualized), but only the second year in the 2006 – 2015 decade with annual growth of 3 percent or better. This pace should generate more jobs than over the past year, and we project that household incomes will rise as will housing and home sales; in fact, we project home sales up about 4 percent in the coming year, placing sales volume at the highest level in eight years. With the quicker pace of economic activity, the Federal Reserve will likely allow long term rates to drift higher, especially in the second half of the year, but with fixed rate mortgages remaining below 5 percent.”

The Millennial Factor

With the continued increase in home sales predicted for the coming year combined with a stronger economy, the 35 and under set are poised to drive an anticipated 2/3 of household formations over the next 5 years (according to With an additional 2.5 million jobs expected to be added within the next year, the drive seems to be towards more first-time buyers overall.

Home Sales and Affordability

Another reason for millennials to act on their new home goals this year? Existing-home sales are projected to rise 8 percent in 2015*. More buyers will be entering the market and there will be less distressed properties making up the inventory this year, meaning the cost of available homes will continue to increase as well. This increase in home costs will hopefully be offset by increases in salaries as the economy continues to stabilize.


2015 looks to be bringing on great potential for home buyers and the housing market alike. The time is now to put your plan in action to buy your first home or your next home at its most affordable.

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