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What Is Lazy Loading? 4 Benefits to Smarter Web Content Loading

Every web user likely has more than a few stories about headaches with loading content. Lazy loading has been deployed as an option to alleviate many of these headaches. But what does this process mean, and how exactly does it benefit you?

In essence, this form of loading occurs when online content is loaded and made available to the user in increments and at strategic times rather than all at once. For example, an image might only load when the user scrolls to the section where the image appears. Some experts refer to this type of loading as asynchronous or on-demand loading. Eager loading, the opposite of this approach, prioritizes immediate loading of all content.

Whatever the name used, the process usually unfolds by creating design patterns in the programming and coding phase of development. Techniques for implementing it include a virtual proxy, a value holder, a host, and lazy optimization.  A few benefits can derive from using any form of this loading style and smarter web content loading in general.

1. Optimization

The amount of content available to users can be dizzying. Web page sizes have increased tenfold in just a few years’ time. The average image alone has jumped in size by several hundred kilobytes. Memory usage as such becomes strained.

By employing smarter loading techniques, you can reduce strain on your browser by reducing the steps (known as the critical rendering path) it must undertake to turn code into onscreen pixels. Utilizing the lazy approach shortens and therefore optimizes the critical rendering path.

2. Time Savings

The burden on memory and the critical rendering path inevitably results in much longer load times, which in turn puts much more stress on the user. If you are rushing to complete a work project or a school assignment, you cannot afford to waste huge amounts of time waiting for a web page that can deliver you critical information to load.

The same holds true for any web surfer. With better content loading, your whole user experience becomes much more worry-free.

3. Less-Stress Coding

Just as a burden is lifted from the user, a good deal of stress is taken from the programmer as well. Several steps can be eliminated from the coding process and replaced with more streamlined techniques and processes.

4. Business Boost

Businesses in the modern era rely on web content as a cornerstone of their success. Employees need access to quick and efficient company computer systems. Perhaps more crucially still, customers now define so much of their experience with a business by online interactions.

Consumers may abandon a slow page after only seconds, a fact not lost on SEO rankers like Google. A smooth, well-run, and fast business website can work wonders in transforming a casual consumer into a loyal long-term customer. Smart web content loading can be your strongest ally in creating such a marketing powerhouse weapon.

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