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Online Reputation Management Should Be Your Top Marketing Priority

Whether you are a business owner looking to grow your business, an individual applying for a job or even looking to meet that special someone, the digital footprint you leave online follows you everywhere you go.

Your online reputation goes beyond just your business – it is also a sum of the customer service experience you provide, your personal interactions online and the interactions of the people who work for you & with you.

If you’ve watched the fall of ?Holly Jones, you can see how fast it can happen. Anytime you are angry or overly emotional, hold off posting. WAIT until you are ready to say something productive. There is a time & place for negative reviews, but when you react in the heat of the moment, it can haunt you forever.

If you haven’t seen the full story, you can read it here:  via Daily Mail

AND if you are interested in helping the woman who had a heart attack, you can do so on her GoFundMe page here:

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