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Refinancing’s still high on newer U.S. mortgages

While the Housing Market May Be Solidifying, Refinancing is Still Higher on Newer Mortgages According to Reuters, Prime mortgage borrowers that have refinanced newer mortgages since the start of 2010 are continuing

How to Be Successful in Social Media Marketing

When operating any type of Facebook page or social-based advertising campaign in order to build your brand and to attract new customers, there are always going to be dozens of positive tweaks you can make in order to boost your business. On the other edge of that sword, however, equally sharp, there are a slew of bad moves you can make which could cripple your branding.

For every “do” you can find in social media advertising, there’s a “don’t” waiting right behind it. More often than not, this “don’t” will be an innocuous step taken, which, over time, will have an accumulative effect on your campaign. And sometimes you’ll find that a simple lack of attention to detail can cost you in the long run.

To ensure success in your social media campaigns, read over this list of social advertising dos and don’ts to ensure you’re on the right path.

The Top 7 Dos and Don’ts of Social Advertising

What you Should Do:

Do: Always be consistent with what your brand stands for. Stick with what represents you as a brand instead of simply following trends or attempting to appeal to more of an audience.
Do: Make sure you’re updating very frequently. When marketing on sites like Facebook, you can’t rely on people checking your Timeline for your material; you have to post it out there so that it lands in their News Feeds.
Do: Focus on high-quality content. If you’re going to post, that post needs to be something worthy of sharing or engaging with in another way. It’s important to emphasize quality here.
Do: Attempt to be more engaging with every passing day. Sharing, commenting, tagging, and other possible actions – this is what social media advertising is all about. If your audience isn’t engaging with you, you won’t be successful.
Do: Try out a variety of media in your material. Entertaining video clips and funny memes can stand out as more attractive to a social-media user than just a simple text-based post. However, you may have a brad that you don’t want to associate with “funny clips”, then that’s obviously not the way forward, but perhaps you can produce infographics, instructional videos or other brands of media
Do: Interact with people when they engage with you. Not only does this allow you to weed out the serious intent from the no intent, but it also boosts your brand’s image in the public eye.

What you Shouldn’t Do:

Don’t: Avoiding people is a big no-no. Engagement works both ways. If you’re expecting people to engage with your brand, your brand has to engage right back.
Don’t: Never, ever mislead people about your brand, about a product, about the business, etc. This type of thing will come back to bite you in a big way. And while you might think that some exaggeration here and there is harmless, it will compound and bring you down.
Don’t: Be careful when attempting to tell too much of a story. Your Timeline as a whole can speak volumes about your brand. You don’t have to write up a business history in a post. Give people a reason to engage to find out about you.
Don’t: You need to avoid being negative here. Even if you’re trolled and someone delivers a crushing blow of negativity, you can simply delete it if it’s that bad. Responding in kind puts you on that level – the level of unprofessionalism.
Don’t: Never share something that’s too personal. Your real name might be okay in some instances, especially if you have a personal FB account that you wish to tie in to show people a personal side. But there’s a thin line here you should be cognizant of.
Don’t: Stay out of politics, religion, sports rivalries, etc. Some brands have thought it funny to create memes, apps and other materials dealing with politics or sporting franchises. While it seems “cool” on the surface, an anti-Republican ad shuts out Republicans, while a pro-Arsenal ad shuts out everyone but Arsenal. Understand?
Don’t: Never ignore programs like Word. Proper spelling and grammar are your best friends. Just because it’s social-speak to confuse “you’re” and “your,” “there” and “they’re,” and to have horrific grammar, throwing commas, periods and the semicolon under the bus completely, your brand has to rise above that.

Search long enough and you can probably find over 70 dos and don’ts pertaining to social media. It’s an encompassing subject with a lot that can go right or wrong within it. The article above focused on the top 7 dos and don’ts out there, but, please, keep studying social media advertising to learn more about what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Post written by : Craig Robinson. He’s an editor for a facebook ad management tool – Qwaya. He writes about different topics for social media and loves to engage in some social media communities, forums and most of all he’s a social media fanatic.

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An Affinity For Facebook

“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Understanding how Facebook operates is becoming increasingly important as their engineers constantly tweak their search and ranking algorithm which determine if the strength of a Facebook “friend” relationship make it worth displaying your post on a news feed. That’s right, Facebook searches wall content and makes determinations as to what will be displayed on a news feed. This Facebook algorithm is called EdgeRank and has a direct impact on what your followers may see. Typically, when you hear about a search engine being changed, the result is improved functionality and findability. However, where EdgeRank is concerned many Facebook users report this new ranking method has actually driven down the views their content is receiving.

Why you may ask, would Facebook reduce views? There is some speculation that companies have gotten so effective at creating no-cost search engine optimized (SEO) organic Facebook campaigns they needed a mechanism to push these companies towards paid advertising plans. Whatever the reason, there’s no need to be discouraged. Despite recent changes, Facebook remains a valuable marketing outlet for your company. Below is one way to increase the odds your Facebook content will be seen by your target audience.

EdgeRank utilizes something they call Affinity to look at the strength of relationships on Facebook. Strength of relationship translates into “hmm, does the follower really want to see this or are they just superficially interested so we will keep the post off their wall. The way to work with Affinity is to make communication on Facebook as mutual as possible, with as much detail as possible. Here’s an example: your company Acme Superjuice has a Facebook business page. One of your Facebook friends is Joe’s Blenders. When Joe’s Blenders posts something about an exciting new product they are rolling out, don’t just hit the ‘Like” button. By all means hit Like, but the best way to get Affinity to assign weight to the relationship you have with Joe’s Blenders is for you to post a comment on their wall. When Joe’s Blender’s posts a comment to your wall in response, Affinity will see that as a high quality contact and make it more likely your wall posts will appear on a news feed. Comments between page owners create high-value bridges which translate into views, so get a dialogue going. Make posts as interactive as possible and invite others to join in comment streams. As part of your business networking plan be sure to communicate with other business owners and customers that posting comments adds value, and when they post to your wall you’ll be sure to write back creating that important bridge. Both sides benefit. As with all social media, when someone posts to your wall or account, whether good or bad, be sure to reply.

While it may seem tricky, Facebook remains an important tool for brand building and there is room for plenty of creativity. We recently assisted a client in creating a contest on Facebook that surpassed expectations! Stay tuned for more on that…

Looking for more Facebooks tips?: keep content up-to-date, add photos and videos of interest, and contact IWD for more information on growing your brand through social media. The online world is constantly evolving and IWD will help you stay current. You’ll “Like” (and hopefully comment on) what we can do for your company!.

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Case Studies – a great tool for sharing success!

On occasion we’ll be posting case studies of projects we’re excited to share. Case studies are a great way to illustrate measurable results from our marketing efforts. The studies we post are selected to reflect the wide-range of services we offer for web design, online marketing, and print materials. After you’ve seen what we’ve done for our clients, find out how we can help your business!

View Case Study [PDF]

Here’s one more thing for you to think about. We’re very happy with the dynamic format we developed for our case studies. Do your visual presentations need some pizzaz so you can really strut your stuff? Our visual specialists can help you create a presentation people will remember.

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What happens if you hit the dreaded update link on your WordPress website?

Is curiosity getting the better of you? Are you wondering if you should click that pesky little “please update now” link in the dashboard of your WordPress website? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is, yes, you should be paying attention to keeping your website up to date.  Why?

  • Security – Outdated software and components mean higher risk of viruses and exposure to hackers. Every time WordPress releases an update it means the previous version has vulnerabilities that have been resolved. Just as you update your anti-virus software quarterly or annually, you need to use the same vigilance with your website.
  • Site Improvements – Code is getting leaner and faster. A software update can speed your site load times. Keep in mind that Google and other major search engines factor load time into their ranking results. A slow load time may mean a competitor’s site that loads faster gets ranked higher.
  • New and improved functionality – The public has grown pretty sophisticated about what they want and expect from a website. Using out of date technology may reflect poorly on your business. For example, is your website compatible with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets? If your website is providing ecommerce, are you offering a full-range of options to enhance your customer experience?

Here comes the bad news…

As with any software or plug-in update there are risks to take into consideration when updating your WordPress site. What are the risks?

  • Breaking your site – By updating a component and not checking for compatibility with your website you may break the layout/design of the site and impact the functionality.
  • Inaccessible – An update may cause the site to go down and make it inaccessible to browsers or display an error page. Another accessibility issues when updating a site may occur when there are excess files that need to be removed. If not removed, the site may not load, leaving you scratching your head and calling in an expert.
  • Lack of experience – There are precautionary measures to take when doing a site update. Infinite Web Designs is experienced in these site maintenance precautions which ensures a smooth updating process. That will save you time and aggravation!

Interested in having us help you?

We are offering a special new year package, contact us today!  203.307.5107 or email us at

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