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5 Tips for Finding the Best Website Designer

When you are ready to build a website for your business, hiring an experienced website designer is a wise investment. Although there are many “drag and drop” programs available that make it easy for anyone to build a webpage, you will quickly discover that there is more to building a profitable website than just aesthetics. 

1. Does Your Website Designer Have Marketing Experience? 

An ideal website designer will have a strong background in digital marketing. Look for someone who demonstrates a succinct knowledge of branding, as that is one of the main purposes of having a website.

Branding isn’t just including your name and logo on the homepage – it also involves making sure that color schemes, trademarks, logos, and local citations are consistent across your entire web presence. Inconsistent branding can lead to confusing and losing customers, as many consider it very unprofessional.

2. Review Portfolio

When looking to hire someone to design your website, it is important to review his or her portfolio. Evaluate previous websites this person has designed and decide whether it is easy to navigate that particular website.

Web design is more than visual appeal – it also takes into consideration structure, which can impact your search engine optimization score in Google. Your prospect should have a presentable portfolio that reflects years of experience.

3. Look for Mobile-Friendly Programming Experience 

We live in a digital age where most people are glued to their phones, so you’ll want whoever you chose to design your website to make it mobile-friendly. Web page speed can vary from desktop to mobile. Hiring a person who knows the inner workings of programming can ensure that compatibility and page speed does not penalize your site and lower its search engine ranking.

4. Ask About SEO Knowledge 

If your website isn’t built to standards for both users and search engine bots (which crawl your pages and index your site on Google), this can lead to a handful of headaches. In fact, your site may not appear on Google at all! An experienced designer can leverage your keyword strategy by optimizing the title and Meta tags of every page on your website, making it more visible on all search engines.

5. Look for Content Creation Experience?

A website without content is nothing more than an empty shell. If you can find a designer who also has content creation experience, he or she is your best bet. Even if you do not hire that person to provide content to fill your site with, you can rest assured that when you do add content, it will complete your website. The goal is to take every visitor from the top of the funnel to the bottom, which translates to more sales.

Designing a website can be costly but it is an expense that is certain to get you a massive return on investment. When outsourcing this task, remember to look for a web designer with solid experience in digital marketing, programming, SEO, and one that has a live portfolio. If you require expert web design services that are functional, eye-catching, and professional, contact Infinite Web Designs LLC today to discuss our powerful end-to-end marketing services!

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