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Cyber Week Special: Digital Holiday Images Package

Get a jump on your 2015 digital marketing with our Cyber Week Special.

Let Infinite Web Designs create beautiful, branded digital images for your business this season.  (Examples below)

Purchase Our Holiday Image Package &
Receive Branded Images in 2015 for the following holidays:

#4th of July
#Christmas / #Holiday

ONLY $997 (valued at $1500) that’s a SAVINGS of $503!

SPECIAL OFFER:  BUY before December 5, 2014* and receive a COMPLIMENTARY 2014 Christmas/Holiday image!

*Purchase must be made prior to 12/5/14 to receive this special offer.  Image will be delivered 12/12/14.  Holiday copy and high resolution company logo must be supplied by client.



2013-holiday-blog-624x5957b920776f109e1f73af6816e13651161ed00280a6f53796abc3dcce91cfb6de43a5860bfc51457058afec8d6fac2619bAA-2013-holiday-card b252d6aaa14297f98ea080ef9fee250dnewsletter-image-christmas

SPECIAL OFFER:  BUY before December 5, 2014* and receive a COMPLIMENTARY 2014 Christmas/Holiday image!  

ONLY $997 (valued at $1500) that’s a SAVINGS of $503!

*Purchase must be made prior to 12/5/14 to receive this special offer.  Image will be delivered 12/12/14.  Holiday copy and high resolution company logo must be supplied by client.





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Thanksgiving Digital Marketing Images

We are very Grateful for our clients this Thanksgiving Season! Below is a sampling of the different Thanksgiving themed social media images we created for some of our clients. Enjoy!








SM-facebookPOST-Thanksgiving (1)



Let us create beautiful, branded digital marketing images for your business this season.

Call us today…  203.307.5107

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Offer Access to Your Business Expertise with a Live Social Media Event #TweetChat

We have been helping our clients offer live social media events with TweetChats.

A #TweetChat is where the world comes together to chat and ask questions in real time using a specific hashtag.  While TweetChats may be designed specifically for Twitter platforms, we can show you how to cross several social media platforms, Like Google+, Facebook & LinkedIn with our hosting tools.

Take a look at this set of #AskDrL images we created below.

Want to host your own LIVE social media event? Contact Us Today!






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Spooktacular Digital Marketing Images

We have had a fun October!  Below is a sampling of the different Halloween themed social media images we brewed up for some of our clients.  Enjoy!



KG_Halloween_Fbook-846 BIG






Don’t let social media SCARE you! Call us today…  203.307.5107

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Are Women Owned Businesses Any Different Than Men Owned Businesses?


Recently, Tony Hwang hosted and moderated a Connecticut Women in Business and Leadership Forum at Fairfield University Dolan School of Business.

Passion.  Relationships.  Education.  Sharing.  Putting others first.  Advocacy… were just some of the words that I heard come out of the mouths of some beautiful leaders in our community.

During our discussion, one of the questions raised was,
“What is the one most important tool that you attribute to your success and the success of your business?”

My response: I embrace being a leader and an educator in my field.  I believe my PASSION for all things – marketing, design, and social media – shines in everything I do.  This passion leaves my clients and the people I come in contact with a feeling of comfort and trust.  My passion has been my tool for success.  What is yours?

Another panelist’s response was: “Helping others and putting them first.”

How about this one: “Building relationships and customer service.”

VERY POWERFUL and inspiring!

BALANCE was another topic up for discussion.  What is balance?  

My response: I kept looking for balance until one day I found it, to only find that I had lost it the next day. I realized that balance isn’t something that you find like a lost item.  It’s something that you have to continuously work at.  It wasn’t until Friday’s forum that I realized that balance is all about prioritizing.   Every day is going to have different priorities.  One day our clients might be our priority, the next day our spouse, family and children might be our priority, another day our health might take priority.

My conclusion:  Our balance is always shifting as our priorities change.

One of the reasons I founded Infinite Web Designs, LLC thirteen years ago was to afford myself the opportunity to raise my children in tandem with growing my career.  In doing so, I learned this is a double edged sword.  I am not alone in thinking this.  Many participants in Friday’s forum shared about how our children perceive our dedication and work ethics.   The consensus was that our children realize they don’t want to work as hard as we do.  This has been a secret concern of mine for a long time.  Although I pride myself in physically being around when my children get off the bus, I am equally as guilty of putting work before them or working late nights.  The other edge of the sword is how fortunate our children are that they can witness what it means to live up to our words/commitments, adapt, give back to the community, struggle yet persevere, and achieve success.

My conclusion: I am very thankful to be able to teach my children that sometimes you have to work hard in life and the rewards WILL come.  The rewards may not always be financial but isn’t that sometimes better?

As panelists and participants, we all pretty much established that we are business owners and leaders first and women second.  There is nothing different about being a woman owned business vs. a man owned business.  The way we run our businesses, build our relationships through networking and balance our priorities might be contrasted, but isn’t that about individuality more than a gender?

Friday’s discussion inspired us to start a #CTBizProud initiative on social media.  I encourage every, male and female business owner in the State of Connecticut to use #CTBizProud in a post with a photo of you at your place of business, Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do.  In an effort to go viral, please nominate other business owners to do the same.  Let’s help support each other as local business owners.  After all, we are the backbone of our economy.  I am #CTBizProud!




I hope my perspective inspires you as much as my experience in being a part of this Connecticut Women in Business and Leadership Forum did for me.

I am interested in hearing your comments and experience.  Please post them below, I look forward to continuing the conversation.


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ALERT: Your WordPress website may be vulnerable to attack!

Here is how you can protect your most valuable marketing asset!

You’ve put a lot of thought and creativity into yourwebsite, probably your most productive marketing channel.  Don’t fall prey to the latest security attack and lose all your hard earned equity.

More than 60 million websites using WordPress are under a denial-of-service (DoS) attack.  This DoS attack was discovered by Nir Goldshlager, CEO of Break Security.  It is an attempt to prevent access to a selected website or web server by capturing and overloading its available memory and processing resources.  In some cases the website actually may crash.

WordPress Versions Affected

WordPress 3.5 – 3.9 (Version 3.9.2 and later will not be affected by this attack)

WordPress Fix

 A patch for this DoS vulnerability is available.  We recommend that you do the following:

  1. Log in to WordPress and check the bottom of your screen.  The WordPress version will be displayed there.
  2. If yours is a vulnerable version, click on the link shown to upgrade WordPress to the latest version.

Help is available if you are unsure about performing the upgrade:

  • Click on the following link:

  •  Contact IWD
    1. Phone: 203.307.5107
    2. Email:

Note to Drupal Users 

Drupal (Versions 6.x – 7.x) also is vulnerable to this DoS attack.

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Is it SPAM or is it GLAM?

A Discussion on Link Exchange

A recent client was concerned about whether to accept a request to exchange links with their web site. With their own credibility on the line our client was right to be wary. Here are some things initially to think about when considering link exchange:

  • First impressions count for a lot. Does the request seem like a form letter? If it does then it’s likely part of a spam mass emailing. Probably, their web site and product or service is not a good fit with yours.
  • If you want to go further, examine the request’s grammar, spelling, and general tone. While you still should check their web site, failure here is a red flag of a web site quality issue.
    • Is the tone insistent or bullying? Have they said they’ve already linked to your web site? They are trying to create an obligation in your mind to accept their link.
    • Are they trying to impress you with their page rank, their number of links, etc.? These are important but is that their main focus? They should mention how their proposed page link can help you. Perhaps their content is not a good fit for you.
  • How will the link code you received look when displaying on your page?

If the swap request gets this far, look at the quality of their web site to see how credible the request is. Manually enter the URL of the site in a browser – do not click on the link they sent you in case it is a virus.


If the web site doesn’t pass your tests it’s either because the owner has not done his/her homework in identifying your site as a good fit, or there is a difference of opinion as to how useful an exchange would be to you.

  • Does their site “read” well? Is their site content relevant to your site content? Is the tone and overall quality consistent with yours?
    • If the link is to a blog page, are the quality and tone acceptable? Are these entries originals or merely reworks or copies of postings on other sites? Good original postings can add credibility to your link.
  • As a quick impression, what other links are on the page they ask readers to link to? Are these your competition? Would those links add credibility to your link?
  • Try some of these links. This can provide additional clues as to the quality of the site and reliability of the owner.

Site Owner

Use a web search and social media profiles to sense whether this link request is legitimate. Look for reviews and comments (but be careful – these may not be real).

Nothing can guarantee a credible, useful link. These guidelines should enable you to eliminate all but the most cleverly fashioned but undesirable link exchange requests. Should your own research still leave you with a question, we will be happy to offer you our opinion.

Contact Us Today!


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Google’s Panda 4.0 Is Released

Google continues its ongoing efforts to improve the quality of the search results it returns. Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts tweeted the release of Panda 4.0 earlier this month and the web went crazy.  Panda is designed to lower the ranking of what it determines are lower-quality content sites. But like previous versions, this update sometimes unfairly penalizes high-quality sites.

Panda penalizes spam and copied content. Its algorithm looks for certain words and phrases and webmaster attempts to fool the algorithm, as well as content spinning. Content recognized as general rather than specific is considered of low quality. Inbound links also are examined for quality.

So, what is quality content? Generally speaking, high quality means content at the level of published books or in popular magazines.

But what does that mean?

Panda has been known to be less than perfect and this is why a Panda false positive is possible. How the updated Panda algorithm was developed and validated, and how it performed in its testing phase before release has not been not publicly divulged. This makes upgrading a web site that has been negatively affected by this release more of an art than a science.

Complicating things with this Panda 4.0 release is that at virtually the same time Google released its Payday Loan 2.0 spam algorithm. Webmasters are exercising all of their skills to tease out which algorithm forced a site downgrade and what specific page content was the cause.

Do you have concerns about how Panda will effect your business’ website?

Contact us today for an SEO evaluation.


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35 email marketing stats may surprise the sh_t out of you

By Rob Petersen

More B2C and B2B companies plan to increase spending in email marketing this year than any other media channel according to StrongView.


If you’re like most people, a reason you opened this email is you look at your emails between 6 and 20 times a day. That’s just on your computer. On a smartphone, you could be checking up to 150 times a day says ABC News.

So maybe it’s not surprising so many companies are investing in email marketing. How effective is email marketing? Here are 35 stats that may surprise the sh_t out of you.

  1. 4325% Return on Investment (ROI). For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment (source: Experian)
  2. 158% higher click-through rate occurs with emails that include social sharing buttons (source: GetResponse)
  3. People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers (source: Convince and Convert)
  4. 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day (source:ExpressPigeon)
  5. 84% of all email traffic will be spam in 2014. (source: The Radicati Group)
  6. 82% of consumers open emails from companies (source: Litmus)
  7. 78% Of U.S. email users will access their emails via mobile by 2017.(source: Forrester)
  8. 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile (Litmus)
  9. 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices (source: TopRankBlog)
  10. 77% of us want to get marketing messages via email. There’s no close second (source: MarketingLand)
  11. 76% of email opens occur in the first two days after an email is sent (source:Alchemy Worx)
  12. 72% of B2B buyers are most likely to share useful content via email (source: Earnest Agency)
  13. 70% say they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the prior week. (source Blue Kangaroo)
  14. 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile (source: Litmus)
  15. 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message (Direct Marketing Association)
  16. 64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line (source:SalesForce)
  17. 61% of B2B marketing professionals worldwide said CTR was the most useful metric for analyzing email campaign performance, compared with 48% of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers. (source: Ascend2)
  18. 60% of marketers believe email marketing produces positive ROI (source: Marketing Sherpa)
  19. 60% of marketing emails sent on Thanksgiving Day were opened on smartphones (source: MarketingLand)
  20. 59% of companies are integrating email and social channels together (source: eConsultancy)
  21. 48% of marketers don’t know what percentage of their emails are read via a mobile device. (Source: eConsultancy
  22. 40% of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by email marketing as high quality. (source: Software Advice Survey)
  23. 39% of marketers have no strategy for mobile email. (source: eConsultancy)
  24. 35% of business professionals check email on a mobile device (source: Convince and Convert)
  25. 27% of consumers were more likely to say their favorite companies should invest in more email. (source: ExactTarget)
  26.  25% of emails are opened on iPhones (source: Email Client Market Share)
  27. 23% higher open rate occurs with personalized subject lines (source: adestra)
  28. 17% of marketers don’t track or analyze email metrics for their organization (source: MEC Labs)
  29. 13% of execs are now primarily checking their email via a mobile device: less than half of websites/emails are optimized for customers to view or respond to via handheld resources. (Source: MarketingSherpa
  30. Only 11% of emails are optimized for mobile (source: Equinux)
  31. 10% more women click on mobile emails than men (source: TailoredMail)
  32. Only a mere 2% of marketers rated leads generated from email marketing as ‘high cost,’ representing the lowest cost channel. (Source: Software Advice Survey)
  33. 3.6 billion new email accounts are expected to be opened this year; by 2016, the nmber is expected to be 4.3 billion (source: The Radicati Group)
  34. 2X higher open rates occur on mobile devices versus desktop (source: MarketingLand)
  35. Monday emails had the highest revenue per email (source: Experian)

These stats prove to me email marketing is one of the most reliable investments a marketer can make. They also prove its worth taking the time to do it and measure it well.

What do they prove to you? Are they a surprise?

Rob-Petersen-150x150Rob Petersen is an experienced advertising and marketing executive and the founder of the BarnRaisers agency.

Follow Rob on Twitter: @RobPetersen

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It’s the Where of Real Estate that Matters…

If buying real estate is part of your 2014 resolutions, chances are you’ve begun researching property values and a slew of other criteria that are important to you for your home or

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